The Birth of The Greyhound Gifting Co.

The Birth of The Greyhound Gifting Co.

I guess what you can call us is obsessed greyhound owners, the kind of parents that seek out other greyhounds whilst out and about, the kind of dog parents that talk to other owners like we’ve been part of this exclusive club for years. Truth is, we only adopted our first greyhound ‘Kaiya’ aka ‘Ki Ki’ back in 2020 and 'Buddy Boy' soon followed within a year.

Brown greyhound dog cuddling with owner

They have filled our house with love, laughter, limbs and zoomies and we wouldn't have it any other way! They are such unique creatures in every aspect. You can whisper 'cheese' and 'walkies' from another county and they will hear it, yet you mention to them to move out of the way and they lose all sense of hearing.

Our shadows, our purpose, our absolute passion for this breed is what led us to thinking how can we help out other greyhounds and the rescue centres that give them their lifelines.

It turns out that unless you are a greyhound owner, other people know very little about them. We want to spread the love for greyhounds and get them known for all the wonderful things they do and how much joy they bring into our lives. In turn we hope this will bring more awareness around the desperate need for more adoptees to step forward.

Greyhound cuddling in bed with a blanket

With a professional background of sourcing and branding our expertise perfectly led to the birth of The Greyhound Gifting Co. We want to create an array of items that people will notice! We want to create things that people are proud to wear and use. We want our audience to engage with us and tell us what they want and need. Lets broaden the 'Greyhound Appreciation Club' peeps!

We promise to bring you fun, cute, refreshing products whilst donating to Greyhound Rescue Centres across the UK from our sales.

We thank you for your time and look forward to you being part of our journey.

The Greyhound Gifting Co. Team

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