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Hello there hoomans…Welcome to our gift store of all thing’s GREYHOUND!

Since being rescued in 2020 we have spent most hours lazing on the sofa, roaching and tearing up the garden with our zoomies – but most importantly being extremely happy!

There are so many more greyhounds like us that need help in finding their forever homes. Kent Greyhound Rescue Centre gave us our lifeline and took such great care of us whilst searching for our loving family.

We LOVE Rescue Centres…and think it’s time to give something back to say thank you and help other dogs like us! That’s why we have created a range of products that illustrate our quirkiness to sell to our appreciation gang! We have a list of Rescue Centres that we will be donating to from the purchases made.

We will regularly update products and designs and would love to hear from you! We want you to be part of our journey, so please give us regular feedback!

Thanks for your support!

Buddy & Ki x

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